Why you MUST Practice OpSec (Operational Security) NOW and how it Goes Beyond Just the Words you Say to Others

Operational Security is a military concept that in a nutshell means you need to keep your battle plans secret so that your enemy won’t find them out and gain an advantage over you.

This is a VERY real issue when it comes to survival planning since you never know how your neighbors are going to act when they are out of food and their children are hungry.

Planning for your (and your loved ones) own needs is difficult enough. It’s not a good idea to have a bunch of people from your work, church, your neighborhood, or even friends who haven’t prepared at all to show up at your door looking for supplies — supplies that may mean the difference between life and death for you and your family.

The problem with giving someone food once is that you have only fed them once & they will come back to you again…likely soon and with other hungry friends.

There’s nothing wrong with being helpful and charitable, but you should do it on YOUR terms, which include being anonymous.

Here are some things to avoid now so that you don’t have these issues before or during a disaster. You want to:

  • Avoid putting NRA type stickers on your car, as well as wearing obvious gun caps/shirts. (Almost ALL people with NRA stickers on their vehicles have guns in their house, just waiting to be taken when they’re gone.) Gun shows & the gun range are good exceptions.
  • Avoid public conversations about preparedness, like: “I’ve got all the guns,ammo, food, & bullion I need, but I really need a safe!”
  • Avoid showing your survival supplies to anyone you don’t trust completely.
  • Avoid keeping your survival supplies all together where someone can see exactly how much you have.

Basically, keep your preparations discreet and to yourself.

Just remember that parents will go to extremes to provide for their children.

If your neighbors’ kids are hungry 10 days into a disaster that has no end in sight and they have seen your year’s supply of food, you can guarantee that they’re going to do whatever they need to get food for their kids.

If they think you’re just barely making it, you’re going to be much safer than if they think they can force you to give up your food.

You always have the option of putting food on their front porch anonymously.

Besides monitoring what words you say to people, also think about how visible or obvious your survival preparations are and who comes in your house:

  1. Friends
  2. Friends of your children
  3. Plumber/AC/Electrician/Contractor
  4. Babysitter
  5. House sitter
  6. House cleaner

Assume they have no discretion, don’t appreciate OPSEC, and will remember what they saw if they are ever in a survival situation.

Here’s a task for you:

Walk all through your house as if you were a stranger and see if your survival preparations are obvious. If they are, either camouflage your supplies immediately or make a plan to do so as soon as possible.