6 Powerful Natural Remedies To Use In A Medical Crisis When SHTF – It Will Be Critical Survival Advantage To Understand And Identify Natural Remedies Even If You Think You Will Never Need Them

As a dad one of my greatest fears is not being to do anything for my children in the event of a medical crisis when SHTF. Even simple camping trips can turn into a nightmare when you’re out in the woods or up in the mountains without necessary medication to help your loved ones. This is why […]


How To Set Up An Isolation Room for a Pandemic – You Will Need To Be Prepared To Take Care Of Your Loved If They Show Signs Of An Infection Or Have Been Exposed

Few years ago, the word Ebola was rarely used in daily conversation. It was a horrific disease that very few people really knew about, but assumed it was isolated to the far corners of the world where everyday people would never come in contact with it. Then, last summer, the word Ebola took on a […]


15 Long-Forgotten Home Cures That Our Grandparents Used For Healing Inflammation & Pain

Some things are annoying or painful but don’t necessarily warrant a trip to the doctor’s office. It could also be that, because of some disaster caused by man or nature, you CAN’T get to a doctor. In either case, home cures will save you money and make you more comfortable without the expense or inconvenience […]


Old-Time Home Remedies We Need To Bring Back – Our Grandparents Grew Up With These Common Cures But They’ve Long Since Fallen Out Of Fashion

Long before big box stores with their shelves of medicines, and long before the age of instant information, there was passed-down, time-tested wisdom on how to treat common ailments with natural remedies. Our forefathers and foremothers used plants, common sense, and a little know-how to ease all types of pain and discomfort. In many cases, […]

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How To Use Pine Trees For Food, Medicine And Survival Equipment

Did you know pine trees can be used as food, medicine and survival equipment? The pine is one of the most useful trees on the planet, providing food, shelter, medicine and fuel. Knowing how to utilize this versatile resource could someday be the key to your very survival if you find yourself alone in the […]


17 Natural Antibiotics Our Grandparents Used Instead of Pills

For hundreds of years, maybe even longer, our grannies and grandfathers relied on simple household items to heal. For that purpose, they picked different natural antibiotics, which they mostly found in home, gardens or meadows and woods nearby. Much of this came out of necessity. Rather than using an antibacterial facial scrub, our Nanas massaged honey […]


Radiation Survival: How to Prepare and Survive Radiation Exposure

Possible terrorist events could involve introducing radioactive material into the food or water supply, using explosives (like dynamite) to scatter radioactive materials (called a “dirty bomb”), bombing or destroying a nuclear facility, or exploding a small nuclear device. Although introducing radioactive material into the food or water supply most likely would cause great concern or […]


How To Create A Safe Room Or A Quarantine Room In Your House Where The Family Can Safely Retreat During A Threat

A safe room is an ultra-secure location within a residence. The concept of a safe room is simple, prepare a room within the interior of the home where the family can safely retreat during a threat and wait for help while potentially lowering the potential of the threat. SEALING A SAFE ROOM Pick a room […]