What Are You Going To Do During A Time When It Is No Longer Possible To Resupply? Look At The Collapse Of Venezuela And You Have An Answer

There is one thing that we all count on in this world, and that is the ability to resupply. And for most people, this literally means “everything”. What are you going to do during a time when it is no longer possible to resupply? Here’s what I suggest: First, you need to get an understanding […]


6 Powerful Natural Remedies To Use In A Medical Crisis When SHTF – It Will Be Critical Survival Advantage To Understand And Identify Natural Remedies Even If You Think You Will Never Need Them

As a dad one of my greatest fears is not being to do anything for my children in the event of a medical crisis when SHTF. Even simple camping trips can turn into a nightmare when you’re out in the woods or up in the mountains without necessary medication to help your loved ones. This is why […]


Living in a Post-Apocalyptic World: Unfortunately, The People Of Today Are Even Less Prepared Than Their Ancestors, Especially Here In The US

Did you ever think about what your life would be like if the stores were closed? What if you couldn’t run to Wal-Mart to get soap?  What if the grocery store had supplies so limited that they were rationed out to people in such small amounts that the food you got was not enough to […]


Getting Back To Grandma’s: 16 Survival Tips And From The 1900s That Are Still Brilliant Today

Being prepared at all times is a must for one main reason: you’ll never know when your emergency situations will occur. This is why I master the old survival skills I’ve learned from before. This reason also motivates me to research and learn new survival skills. Our ancestors boast a number of survival skills not […]


The Real Threat to America Comes From Cyber Attack: No Bombs. No Bullets. No Swordfights. Just A Few Keystrokes On The Computer. And We’re Done

In poll after poll, one of the primary threats newsweborder is the use of a cyber attack to cause a collapse of our vulnerable critical infrastructure. There are many bad actors on the international stage – Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and now the terrorist group, ISIS. Each is capable of wreaking havoc in […]


The Digital Technologies That Have Revolutionized Our Daily Lives Have Also Created Minutely Detailed Records And Control Over Our Minds and Lives

From the Fourth Amendment to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, and from the Electronic Communications Privacy Act to films like Minority Report and The Lives of Others, our law and culture are full of warnings about state scrutiny of our lives. These warnings are commonplace, but they are rarely very specific. Other than the vague threat of an Orwellian dystopia, […]


For Those Who Wish To Prepare For A SHTF, A Return To Reliance On The Food Sources Of Hunter-Gatherer Skills That Can Help Ensure That No Matter What You And Your Family Face During A Crisis, You Will Be More Prepared To Handle It And Survive

When it comes to prepping, one of the most commonly asked questions revolves around what kind of event is coming and how to make sure you are prepared for it when it comes. There are in fact such a wide range of events that could occur that it’s nearly impossible to prepare specifically for all […]


In The End America Will Become A Third World Economy Or Something Worse. The People Have The Means To Retain Control Of The Nation

Through our complicity in matters large and small, we have allowed an out-of-control corporate-state apparatus to take over every element of American society. Our failure to remain informed about what is taking place in our government, to know and exercise our rights, to vocally protest, to demand accountability on the part of our government representatives, […]


How To Set Up An Isolation Room for a Pandemic – You Will Need To Be Prepared To Take Care Of Your Loved If They Show Signs Of An Infection Or Have Been Exposed

Few years ago, the word Ebola was rarely used in daily conversation. It was a horrific disease that very few people really knew about, but assumed it was isolated to the far corners of the world where everyday people would never come in contact with it. Then, last summer, the word Ebola took on a […]