Are We Headed For A New Dark Age? The World It Would Not Be Pretty As A Review Of The Past Can Show

Those who dismiss the dark ages as an anomaly or never learned about them to begin with may get a chance to relive them. The economic forecast for the future is getting no better and many still cling to the hope that everything will go on as always. Hope is good but it should not […]


We Are Surrounded By So Many Obvious Signs That One Would Have To Be Blind Not To See Them, Yet Some Fail To Recognize Them Even When They Are Called To Their Attention

If you think we are living in scary times, our worst fears may be confirmed by crimes and violence across the globe. People are looking at the signs that the world is going to end, with anxiety and fear. The signs are all around us. There is Global Climate Change and Global Warming, shortages of food and water, disasters […]


America: The Future Third World Country – The Evidence Is All Around Us: Our Political System Is Broken, Our Industrial Base Is Vanishing, Our Education System Is in Shambles

In the end America will become a third world economy or something worse. The people have the means to retain control of the nation and someday rebuild some of our infrastructure but that depends on the people and how much they want to remain free and in control of their future. As long as half […]

Economics Preparedness

The Next Crash Could Make The Last One Look Like A Tea Party – It Costs You No Money To Think Through Some Basic Questions And Come Up With Realistic Answers

The global financial system is beginning to come apart like a cheap suit. When the normal life you rely on ceases to function properly, what are you going to do? If you do not have a plan you will be left helpless in a rapidly deteriorating situation that will put you and your family in […]


This Is What Life Is Really Like In A Post-Collapse Society: No Water, Food, Electricity, Sewer, Newspaper or Internet

What would it really be like to have no running water, electricity, sewer, newspaper or Internet?  No supermarket or fire department close at hand? I have a good imagination but I decided to talk to someone who would know first hand what it was like: my mother.  She grew up on a homestead in the […]


The Season Of Crisis And Total War – The Plans You Make Now Will Determine Your Future And That Of Your Children So Due Diligence Should Be Taken

Winter is a time of decay and destruction to make way for the coming renewal of spring. Those who fail to prepare for the winter can have a difficult time getting through it. Each season has its’ differences but winter is by far the harshest. Every season has a role to play in the cycle […]

Alternative Technology

The Surveillance Society – Big Brother is here!

Shortly before his death, in 1949, George Orwell wrote his final work, the classic 1984. It painted a picture of a chilling future in which the world had fallen under the rule of three great totalitarian governments. The government that controlled what had been Britain, and the United States was called Oceania and was ruled by Big […]

Featured Technology

New Technology For a Cashless Society is Marching Right in Step With Other Moves Toward the Coming Antichrist World Government

Imagine what the apostle John must have thought when, in about 95 AD, he saw a vision of this taking place in a futuristic world. People ever since have been baffled as to how any such universal, totalitarian economic system could be established or policed. Tied into the ability to control all buying and selling […]


The People That Are Preparing For Some Sort Of Chaos In Their Future Are Only Doing The Prudent Thing Considering The Environment We Are Now Living In

The people that are preparing for some sort of chaos in their future are only doing the prudent thing considering the environment we are now living in. Those with growing piles of supplies for disasters, war or some type of collapse have made the mental leap that is required to prepare themselves for unknown eventualities […]

Featured Preparedness

What To Expect During Martial Law And What You Can Do To Ensure Your Safety – Get Ready To Move Your Family ASAP When SHTF

In case you don’t know, martial law is when the government takes over a designated territory, suspends constitutional rights, and enforces authoritarian power with the use of the military. Basic civilian rights such as a trial before imprisonment and other democratic processes are limited or suspended completely. Every democracy has the potential for martial law. […]